Welcome to ROXROK

ROXROK is a rock climbing business. We currently have a 24 foot mobile rock climbing wall with 3 different challenging routes to climb; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Climb the advanced route, touch the sign, and win $100!!

We travel to a multiplicity of venues for all occasions; festivals, birthday parties, special events, company picnics and grand openings. We are willing to accommodate our rock climbing wall to everyone and make your event that much more extravagant!

We always think safety first! Every climber uses a harness then gets secured to our auto-belay system. This allows our climbers to climb routes without a partner. Each climbing wall rental includes a trained staff member who stays on site to set up the climbing wall, harness climbers and maintain safety standards at all times.

We are looking to expand everyday! Need us to be somewhere, let us know! Together let’s make your next event one to remember!!

If you have any other questions please contact us via e-mail or give us a call.

Email: Climb@roxrok.com
Phone: 1-855 4 ROXROK (1 855 4 769765)